Peter Tigani

With over 40 years in the Hair, Fashion and Music industry

This being my 5th salon is the culmination of many years of identifying what is needed both for my clients, myself and my team of select creative stylists.
This is a time in my career where the most important things are to create a space where the focus is the client, their needs, their wants and to be able to accommodate many factors in the design of their hair as the personal expression of one of the most important accessories anyone can have.
To be able to wake up every day, look in the mirror and know they are happy with haircut, colour and know how to achieve the look that they had designed specifically for them, their lifestyle, the time they have available, and of course their talents to achieve a great result.

Having started my training in the mid 70’s my inspiration came of course from Vidal Sasson and many others that followed in that tradition being precision, balance, line, symmetry and suitability
These were the foundations that modern hairdressing has been based upon but having said that the freedom that is now available is a very exciting time indeed not to mention the advancements in the products and tools that are available both professionally and after care.

Education is my key philosophy,

Over the years, I have attended many such events and educational seminars.
The main trade and educational event is Hair Expo a trade show and workshop spread over three days in Sydney Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June.
The most recent was
Wella Red Forum 2019 held in Cambodia
Wella Remix Collection April 2017
HairBiz Forum March 2017 ,
Prior was Ssh.Global staged over three days in Sydney November 2016 by Bennie Tognini.
As far as shows and education goes I personally have a three tier of expectation’s.

Education, Inspiration, Motivation.

These principles are what keeps me totally in love with my craft and deliver on a day to day basis for my salon culture to provide the best possible experience for my clients ,myself and the inspired and creative team I have chosen to work with me.

Peter Tigani