Lisa Mackenna

I started my career in 1980, only seems like yesterday!
I feel fortunate to have owned my own Salon and manage some great ones too throughout the years. I think I have been blessed to have worked with many great Stylists and Colourist's.
Education is always a focus for me, whether it is me being mentored or me mentoring our younger stylists. The sharing of knowledge and what inspires us as hairdressers and is what makes our industry so unique, it also guarantees an amazing future for it too.
As Master colourist @PT & Co my days are filled with the glorious world of Colour and my head is filled with the wonder of Science. I have enormous respect for the massive role it plays in the salon, how we use it as creatives and also as Professionals. It is truly inspiring for me.
Whilst Colour is my number one, I love men's cutting, styling long hair, working on shoots, wedding work, make up and the wonderful and sometimes weird world of Avante garde styling, there is nothing like letting your creative crazy loose.
Like Pete, my number one priority is to deliver excellence to our clients, whatever their needs may need be. That for me is incredibly satisfying as a Colourist and Stylist